I am saddened by the news of the demise of C.B. Muthamma, one of the endearing persons I had the fortune to be associated with during my service in the Indian Foreign Service. I was posted to the Indian Embassy in The Hague and worked under her as a junior officer for a couple of years when she was Ambassador of the Netherlands, from where she retired in 1982.

She was fiery on the exterior, intolerant of sycophancy, ineptitude and hypocrisy, a hard task-master, an orator par excellence on any subject under the sun, uncompromising on principles but a person of immense beauty from inside. After retirement, she immersed herself into one of the many causes very close to her heart — disarmament — and I, for one, always read her numerous articles on the subject and those on social equality and universal justice with great interest. May her tribe increase!

C. Felix Rozario,


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