A spate of letters on the affairs of the Chidambaram temple (Jan. 14) only betray ignorance of the special and unique nature of this temple. The temple has long been recognised as the Lord’s abode and has been ordained to be maintained by the close devotees, that is, the Dikshitars. They have formed a committee for administration and every day the total income and expenses are discussed in the ‘Sannithi’ of the Lord. The Dikshitar community has dedicated itself to serving the temple. There is no reason for a government takeover, which will inevitably give rise to corruption, as is being witnessed in many temples in Tamil Nadu.

I have lived in Kerala for many years and the government as well as people there are careful on temple-related issues. Following the discovery of jewels and wealth in the Thiruvananthapuram temple, there was no political interference and it is still being maintained by the royal family. The politician-official nexus should never be allowed to enter the great Chidambaram temple and spoil its serene atmosphere.

K.R. Venkataramani,


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