The article, “The joy of buying from the maker” (Open Page, April 6) reminded me of the experience I had when I was young, when I had gone to buy an earthen pot for the Pongal festival.

A day before the festival, my father instructed me to buy a couple of pots from the market. My friend and I were completely at a loss at the market. Having observed that most people tapped the pots and bought them, we purchased two pots after doing the same. Later my mother checked the pots and found some leaks. I got into trouble with my parents. Had the seller himself checked the pots before displaying them, this would not have happened. Sellers and customers should both check items properly while shopping.

M. Rajeev Varman,

Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu


The joy of buying from the makerApril 6, 2014

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