The BJP’s impressive victory in the by-elections in some States, particularly Gujarat and Uttarakhand, after the debacle in the Lok Sabha elections has come as a surprise. What makes the party’s win in Gujarat all the more significant is that it has wrested five seats from the Congress. It shows that Narendra Modi is still a leader to reckon with.

V.M. Swaraj,


The by-election results show that it is not Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah or Partition that rules the minds of the present generation. The people are more worried about good governance and stability.

S. Mekala,


The impressive show is surely a shot in the arm for the BJP. The party created a visible tremor when the differences among its leaders came to the fore. The hardliners seem to have gained an upper hand. One wonders whether the party is moving towards a hardline agenda.

R.K. Divakara,


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