The article “Be wary of false prophets” (April 24) is right in saying that we, the people, have become more sceptical today. But it is not Anna Hazare but the political class that is to blame for the state of things. All those who backed Anna did not say our constitutional institutions should wither away. True, we should stay away from cult politics but in view of the 66 years of non-delivery by our political leaders, the least the common man can do is to rally behind a leader who promises change.

Abhishek Lal,


Even if some of Anna Hazare’s ideas were a bit unrealistic, there was nothing wrong with most of the suggestions he and his supporters made — autonomy for the CBI, for instance.

In the war between truth and corruption, the forces of corruption and the political class won a battle but this is surely not the end.

R.S. Chakravarti,


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