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Nehru and some regional leaders such as C.N. Annadurai exhibited a fine understanding of the role of cartoons in a democratic society, but others took offence »
The three finest exponents of cartooning — David Low, R.K. Laxman and Rajinder Puri — were associated with The Hindu at some point »
For me, reading the pages of the 1931 copies of this newspaper provided an insight into the present architecture of the paper »
The overwhelming response from readers to the reports, the editorial and opinion articles following the Supreme Court of India’s decision to strike down Section 66A of the Information Technology A... »
Not every day do we get a response from a mathematician working on computer science. In response to my column, “»
As the Readers’ Editor, I use surrogate obituaries to look at critical issues confronting journalism. When Gabriel García Márquez died, I used the occasion to not only celebrate journalism as a vo... »
One of the consequences of living in a digital era is that a court ruling in one part of the world may trigger a reaction elsewhere. Following the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Uni... »
It has been a nine-year-long journey towards establishing a credible self-regulation mechanism by The Hindu. K. Narayanan, the paper’s first Readers’ Editor (RE), »
What is the role of a readers’ editor in building trust and retaining it over a period of time? The answer to this question, according to Stephen Pritchard, is to take the readers into confidence a... »
One of the biggest challenges in this digital era is how to harness the participatory agency of readers without falling prey to the aggression of trolls. I have touched upon this topic in a couple... »
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