Three persons were killed and over 80 others, including policemen injured when clashes broke out between members of two communities in Dhule city of North Maharashtra on Sunday.

The incident took place in Macchibajar area of Dhule, when a young man got in to fight with the hotel owner over the bill payment. The owner allegedly hit the boy after which the boy returned with people from his community. The small fight soon turned in to full scale communal violence between both the communities, in which motorcycles, autos and other vehicles were set on fire.

“The police directly started firing at the crowd without prior warning. Many of the people have received bullet injuries,” said Gurfanbhai, a social activist while talking to The Hindu over the phone. He alleged that the fire brigade did not come to douse the fire in spite the shops kept on burning.

Hemant Madane, a local journalist told The Hindu that the violence continued till 7 PM in the evening and after which the police called for a curfew in the area.

Home Minister R.R. Patil while confirming three deaths, called for an immediate peace in Dhule city.