The solution is to learn how to keep consumption below eight units a day

With power charges hitting the roof, all that the domestic consumers in the State would have to think of at present is how to restrict their consumption below 500 units. Beyond that level, there is not even an iota of subsidy.

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Hence, as almost all the consumers have been using various appliances without much concern for the electricity consumed and also has become virtually dependent\ or addicted to many, the solution is to learn how to curb their consumption below eight units a day. Thus, you will have 20 units as cushion.

The table, accompanying this news item, does not purport to contain all the appliances but has all the most popular ones commonly used, especially by middle, lower middle and the lower classes. The consumption of these appliances might vary depending upon the quality and size of the appliances.

Refrigerator's use is invariably round-the-clock in order to preserve the perishables and hence nothing much could be done on that score.

Keep an eye on power guzzlers

Keeping an eye on the power guzzlers like geysers is imperative.

Otherwise, they would singe you literally and figuratively. Similarly, need-based usage of air-conditioners would be prudent. Indiscriminate use of frequently used appliances such as fans, lights and television sets should be totally avoided as that could save a substantial amount of electricity though their consumption might look pretty small.

However, appliances like mobile chargers, which have become indispensable in the modern world, are said to consume only in milliwatts. Hence, there need be no worry.

A number of companies have made it a point to mention their ratings given by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, an organisation coming under the broad purview of the Union Power Ministry.

This could help one identify the less power consuming appliance.

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