“None can force DMK to suit one’s political whims”

Senior DMK leaders put up a brave face in the wake of the release of audio tapes purportedly relating to money transfer of Kalaignar TV, saying it was a conspiracy to discredit the party.

“It is a handiwork of the enemies of the DMK to discredit it as the election to the Lok Sabha approaches,” said the party’s deputy general secretary Duraimurugan.

He said the tape and the contents were bogus and party leader M. Karunanidhi had already described that every thing was a lie.

DMK’s Parliamentary Party leader T.R. Baalu wondered why should an eminent lawyer like Prashant Bhushan go to the media with the tapes when he himself was not able to ascertain the veracity of the contents. “He could have approached the court for further inquiry. What is the necessity for him to release the tape to the media? The media is not an adjudicator. It is with some ulterior political motives he has released the tape,” Mr Baalu said.

He, however, rejected the suggestion that it was an attempt to arm-twist the DMK leader M. Karunanidhi into an alliance.

“My leader is an unassailable Periyarist. Neither political parties nor any other power could arm-twist him or dismantle his indomitable spirit,” Mr Baalu said.

Mr Duraimurugan also said no one could force or put pressure on DMK to suit their political whims.

In the meantime, Kalaignar TV in a statement said the tape had been released with ulterior political motives.

“The way the tape was released—after a gap of three years—clearly shows that some mischievous elements have recorded fake conversations to discredit Kalaignar TV,” a statement from the satellite channel said.

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