Only barren lands would be acquired for the purpose of establishing SIPCOT industrial estate in Dharmapuri district, said R. Lilly, Collector here on Friday.

Ms. Lilly allayed fears of farmers by stating that fertile agricultural lands with irrigation facilities would never be acquired for the purpose. The officials were directed to make a fresh survey to realign so as not to disturb the farmers who are undertaking cultivation of food and other crops. Due to farmers’ resistance, the district administration suspended acquisition of lands in fertile lands in Nallampalli.

Land acquisition process in Thadangam, Adhagapadi and Balagangamanahalli villages would be over in a week’s time, the final proposal would be sent to the government only after convening a consultation meeting with the representatives of the political parties. Even if people are undertaking cultivation or any other agriculture activity, they won’t be disturbed at any cost, she clarified.

Totally 560 Ha lands would be acquired for the purpose, of this 429 Ha of government ‘poromboke’ lands and the rest from the barren patta lands. The SIPCOT industrial estate is a dream project for the district, as it will usher employment opportunities for thousands of unemployed youths in the district, she adds.

Proposal for allotting lands for DRDO facility

A proposal has also been sent to the government for establishing DRDO facility in the district in Jarugu.

Implementation of special schemes of the Chief Minister is in full swing in the district. So far no complaints were received by the district administration.

A sea change could be seen in the live of the rural people, after the distribution of free milch cows and sheep in the district. A woman with six girl child expressed her gratitude to the Chief Minister by pasting a huge portrait at the cattle yard and also fixed a fan to protect the animal from mosquito menace. She told that she could prepare three meals a day instead of two meals a day before receiving the milch cow.

She said, during the first phase, 150 beneficiaries were given milch cow costing Rs. 51.82 lakhs and goats and sheeps to 1485 beneficiaries costing Rs. 1.8 crore. To ensure availability of fodder to the cattle, a 100 per cent fodder cultivation scheme has also been introduced by the government, she adds.

25 cooperative societies were formed to procure milk from the beneficiaries, they were told not to supply milk to the private milk dairies. Distribution of free bi cycles, gold for mangal sutra, lap top to students were in progress smoothly.

Due to strict measures taken by the officials, the offtake of PDS has been reduced 3 per cent.

The fake PDS cards are being checked vigorously to ensure distribution of essentials to the targeted section without any hitch, she adds.