Officials of revenue and Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board inspected a dyeing unit at Moolakarai village here, responding to a representation from residents that the industrial unit was letting effluent into natural water channel.

According to the Revenue Divisional Officer of Erode Gunasekaran who inspected the dying industry, the unit was not functional at present, but the owner has secured the approval of the National Green Tribunal to revive production.

The general public have been complaining frequently to the district administration that the release of the industrial effluent has damaged the quality of groundwater severely.

Their charge is that the industry buries the sludge within the premises in contravention of safety norms.

They had told the inspecting official that they were provoked since the industry owner has been constantly harassing and threatening them with dire consequences for approaching the district administration.

Official sources said the complaint on sludge disposal would be verified and that the industry would not be permitted to let effluent into drinking water sources when it revives operation.

Officials said power to the unit had been disconnected thrice earlier.

The public charged the company with having multiple power connections and blamed the official machinery for not handling the issue with the seriousness it warrants.