Welcoming the Tamil Nadu Energy Regulatory Commission’s order allowing the state to purchase additional power to tide over present shortage, Confederation of Indian Industry on Thursday said it believed the step would provide an extra boost to employment generation post recession and help save several industries, hit by power cuts.

CII Tamil Nadu State Council Chairman C.K. Ranganathan in a statement here thanked the state government for making such an initiative for the benefit of the industry which was reeling under severe power crisis.

“The Tamil Nadu Energy Regulatory Commission order on approving the proposal on the purchase of additional power by Tamil Nadu Electricity Board to mitigate the power crisis in the State and thereby lifting the complete power cut during the peak and non-peak hours” he said.

“I believe this move by the government would save several industries across the state, provide an extra boost in achieving plethora of opportunities arising from the post recession markets and thus employment”, Mr. Ranganathan said.