Rules pertaining to human rights panels do not provide for his removal unless he is convicted of such a crime

Lending support to the retired Supreme Court judge, A.K. Ganguly, accused by a law intern of sexual harassment, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said on Saturday that the rules pertaining to human rights commissions “do not provide for his removal unless he is convicted of such a crime.”

Dr. Swamy’s comments are significant, as some BJP leaders have demanded Justice Ganguly’s resignation as chairperson of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission after a Supreme Court committee held that allegations by the intern prima facie disclosed an act of unwelcome behaviour on his part.

“We so far have access to only the girl’s version of the events, and this has to be verified by a full investigation. It requires a First Information Report to be registered by the police, and she be questioned,” he told journalists here.

 “But she has avoided having anything to do with the police, which makes it very curious,” he said.


TMC MP seeks action

Meanwhile, Trinamool Congress MP Saugata Roy has regretted Justice Ganguly’s decision not to resign and has hoped that action will be taken against him. “He should have stepped down much earlier; it is regrettable that he has refused to pay heed to the public demand. But now that the Attorney-General has given his opinion to the President, we are hoping that action will be taken against him soon,” he said.

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