Seeking to reassure Italy, India on Friday said any doubts on Italian marines being put on trial for committing a terror act should be set aside as the National Investigation Agency (NIA) is just one agency available to the government for investigating the case of killing of two Indian fishermen in high seas.

External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said he would read the assignment of the task to the NIA, not through the NIA Act but by nomination made through the order of the Supreme Court.

“Therefore any doubts that this really amounts to an investigation into a terrorist act should be set aside immediately. It is just one agency available to the government that under the orders of the Supreme Court can be used for the investigation,” he said.

Mr. Khurshid, who is here to attend a meeting on Afghanistan, said he had not read the judgment, but felt that if it was communicated and reported “in the right manner,” Italians should not have any concern.

“Their concern was “are you charging us with a terrorist act.” That was their concern. But that is not what it is. But I say this with a caveat that I have not read the judgment,” he said.

“My instinct tells me that is what would be in the judgment. So, if the judgment is read carefully and it is reported carefully, then there should be no reason for any disquiet as far as the Italian government is concerned. And I don’t think therefore there would be any reason for discomfort to the government of India,” Mr. Khurshid said.

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