As a powerful bomb ripped through the popular German bakery here, witnesses, both foreigners and locals, accounted their horror and disbelief about the incident but resolved to come back to the city again, refusing to be cowed down by the terror act.

“We just passed the bakery and it happened coincidentally. The blast was beyond description...all vehicles, everything actually came to a standstill. We actually saw pieces, we saw body parts, literally fly across the road,” Aron Wyvrow, a foreign national said.

Displaying their affection of the Koregaon Park area and its environs where the bakery was located, foreigners and locals were seen chatting with police personnel expressing their resolve to visit the area again.

“I am not scared. These things can happen anywhere. This is a good place and I must say that the terrorists failed to fear us,” Renne, another foreigner said.

Paresh Thorat, a local said: “German bakery was a place where I came to meet and eat with my friends. I brought many of my outstation friends and took them around showing them the Osho commune and other posh bungalows in this area. I never thought it would happen here.”