The district medical officer sought an explanation from doctors, who conducted autopsy on the body of journalist Nirupama Pathak, whose death in her home here is being suspected as a case of honour killing by her family.

An explanation has been sought from the three doctors, who conducted the post-mortem, for not preserving the viscera, District Civil Surgeon Dr. B. Mohan said, adding perhaps “the doctors did not feel that necessary as the ‘nucoid fluid’ in the nucosa walls of stomach of the victim was normal (three ounce).”

“I do not think it will hamper the ongoing probe in anyway but still the trio Dr Shiv Kumar, Dr Ashish Kumar and Dr K.B. Singh should have preserved it,” Dr. Mohan said.

Forensic and CID officials on Tuesday collected documents, including letters and other articles from the Pathak’s house and traced some mobile phone numbers to which the family members had called on the day of her death on April 29.

Pathak’s mother Subha, suspected to have had a hand in her death, had already been arrested after post-mortem report confirmed that the scribe had died of asphyxia as a result of smothering.

The Delhi-based journalist, a Brahmin, was planning to marry her batchmate at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, who belonged to another caste and her family members were against it.