Allahabad University students’ union elections to be held on September 29 after a gap of seven years

Allahabad University on Tuesday made it clear that the upcoming students’ union elections would be held strictly in adherence to the recommendations made by the Lyngdoh Committee. Students’ union elections will be held in the State this year after a gap of seven years.

Allahabad University chief proctor Prof. Mata Ambar Tewari said the code of conduct of elections would be observed from September 23 and candidate(s) found flouting any guidelines after filing their nomination would be barred from contesting the elections.

Dean Student Welfare Prof. R.K Singh said the guidelines for the elections would be effective from Tuesday (September 11).

As per Clause 14 (ii) of the recommendations, the candidates would have two weeks after the declaration of the result to submit accounts of the expenditure incurred by them in canvassing, he added.

Asked about the alleged flaunting of political party colours during campaigning, Prof. Singh said the students’ union elections were “apolitical” and not meant for gaining any political leverage. “Any candidate who claims to have any political affiliation or invites political interference will be barred from contesting. The candidates will have to prove that they are not part of any political organization,” he said.

On the rampant use of printed posters and banners by students, Prof. Singh said while canvassing by students was going on unchecked, the real candidates would be known only after the nominations were filed, and once identified the rule-breakers would be dealt with accordingly. According to the Lyngdoh committee, all types of printed material — graffiti, banners, hoardings and posters — are banned from the elections.

Candidates are permitted to use only hand-made posters, which too should be procured within the expenditure limit of Rs 5,000. Also, each candidate will only get a single shot at the posts, and that too after fulfilling the minimum attendance criteria. The contesting candidates would also not be allowed to use loudspeakers, rallies, vehicles or animals for the purpose of campaigning.

September 27 and 28 have been allotted for canvassing. Returning Officer Prof. B.N Singh said candidates who have been convicted in any criminal case would not be allowed to contest elections.

A candidate, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “When the University is not penalizing those students who use printed banners and posters all over the city, then why should we not campaign like that?” The build-up to the elections in the last two months has seen two incidents where two students have been shot at as a result of tussle between student groups.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav recently directed all universities and colleges in the State to hold elections as per the recommendations of the Lyngdoh Committee, after certain loopholes were noticed. Mr. Yadav had after coming to power this year restored students union elections, which were banned during the tenure of the Bahujan Samaj Party government. The polls are scheduled for September 29.