Congress star campaigner Priyanka Gandhi on Friday termed corruption, anarchy and politics of opportunism as the biggest enemies of people of Uttar Pradesh even as she said she would limit campaigning to Amethi and Rae Bareli parliamentary constituencies.

“I have been asked to look after 10 constituencies, five in Amethi and five in Rae Bareli and I am going to do that...I have not been told what I should do but would probably stay here”, she told reporters in an informal chat on the first day of her five-day election tour of the area.

Asked whom she regarded as the bigger enemy of her party Mayawati or Mulayam Singh Yadav, Ms. Priyanka said corruption, anarchy and politics of opportunism were the biggest enemies of the people of Uttar Pradesh.

“Anarchy, corruption and politics of opportunism are the biggest enemies of the people of Uttar Pradesh, not of Rahul Gandhi and they should wake and rise up to change them (in these elections).

“People are now fed up and realise that this kind of politics is not working and they want to bring about a change and I firmly believe that they will”.

Exuding confidence that the “hard work of Rahul Gandhi would pay off” in these elections, she said that the frustration of Chief Minister Mayawati has started to show.

On social activist Anna Hazare and his impact on the polls, she said, “ask the people what their problems are they will answer this question”.

To questions on the advertisement blitzkrieg and whether it would work in these elections she said “people of Uttar Pradesh have their wisdom and experience of a particular type of politics and government in 22 years. I am sure they have a lot of wisdom to understand things, far better than you and me”.

When asked to rate the government she said that it is for the people to do so.