It hopes the Central Government would ensure a quick and final decision on the matter.

Posco India on Friday welcomed the Supreme Court’s order in the Khandadhar iron ore mine case and hoped the verdict would expedite its proposed project in Odisha.

“We welcome the judgment by the Supreme Court on the Khandadhar mining case. Once we receive the copy of the full judgment, we will be in a better position to comment upon. However, we believe that this will significantly help to expedite the project,” chairman-cum-managing director of Posco India Y.W. Yoon said adding that the company was happy that the judgment came “at a time when there has been significant progress on the land clearance work for the project.”

In a statement, he said: “Now that, the Supreme Court has set aside the judgment of the Orissa High Court, it is hoped that the Central government will expeditiously look into the recommendation leading to a final decision soon.”

In 2006, the State government recommended to the Centre that prospecting licence for the Khandadhar mines be granted to Posco India. The Centre, however, returned the recommendation to the State the same year, directing it to submit the recommendation again after hearing all applicants.

Based on this, the State government conducted hearing of all applicants and forwarded the same proposal again in 2009. Thus, as per procedures under relevant laws, it was to be reviewed and approved by the Centre.