Mr Abdullah alleged that the PDP was nourishing an agenda to remove him from his post “by hook or by crook.”

Under continuous attack by opposition PDP, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Thursday hit back, claiming that the party’s legislators had contacted him for dislodging Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s government when it was in power.

At a public meeting in Rajouri district, Mr Abdullah said that he, however, had told the PDP legislators at that time that his party National Conference did not indulge in such kind of politics.

“I told them that neither I nor my party believes in this kind of politics. We do principle-based politics and take on our political opponents in the open political arena rather than indulging in any conspiracy for getting power,” Mr Abdullah said.

Mr Abdullah alleged that the PDP was nourishing an agenda to remove him from his post “by hook or by crook.”

Describing PDP and BJP as two faces of the same coin, Mr Abdullah said their only agenda is to divide people on emotional grounds, polarise society and nurture hatred to grab power.

The Chief Minister said PDP never tried to create a working relationship with his government for the larger interests of the state and its people.

“When in 2002, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed took over as Chief Minister of the state, I went to him to congratulate and assured full support of my party, which was then in opposition,” he said.

“Again, when I became the Chief Minister in 2008, without waiting for receiving any word from Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, I went to him to convey that politics apart we should together pull the state out of economic mess, unemployment and other issues,” Mr Abdullah added.

He said although Mr. Sayeed appreciated his intention, his party PDP started false propaganda against him and his government.

“The leadership of PDP goes to people and tells them that they do not want power. What a lie they speak!” Mr Abdullah said, wondering how the PDP leadership could “befool” people when everyone was aware of their frustration to be in power.

He said the law and order problem in the state in 2010 proved “how PDP worked to dislodge his government to grab power.”

He said at that time, the PDP leadership did everything to convince the Prime Minister and others that Omar Abdullah is the only stumbling block and if he is removed and power given to PDP, everything will be fine in the state.

Referring to the recent medical seat scam, Mr Abdullah said his government not only exposed the wrongdoings, but also took action against the guilty.

“As soon as my government unearthed the scam, we removed the accused officer and handed him over to police. Instead of appreciating this, PDP has started a negative propaganda against me and my government,” Omar said.

“In 2004, PDP had set aside a Crime Branch report against a person accused of selling the medical seats, and promoted him to the higher post,” he alleged.

Mr Abdullah said BJP is equally responsible for disturbing peace in the state and creating tension between various sections and regions.

“BJP leaders are in search of occasions to flare up communal tension to take political advantage,” he said, adding that his party, National Conference, has struggled to uphold secular credentials of Jammu and Kashmir and worked for maintaining harmony among various sections and regions.

On development of Darhal, Mr Abdullah said the “non-performance” of the sitting MLA of this area has hit the development process to a great extent.