The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah) has taken exception to the serving of summons by the National Investigating Agency (NIA) to some of the top leaders of the underground outfit and has cautioned New Delhi that such action in the course of ongoing peace talks would jeopardise the political negotiation.

Alleging that the Government of India allowed the NIA to issue summons, NSCN (I-M) Chairman Isak Chisi Swu said the best way forward is to settle differences across the table.

“We have observed and experienced commitment from both the sides. However, the Government of India’s inclination to impose its internal law and order system in the course of the talk will certainly jeopardise the political negotiation that was initiated at the highest level and without any preconditions,” he said.

“We are for solution. However, if any difficult problem arises, we will be compelled to take the matter to the Naga public,” he added in his speech as the “Yaruiwo” (President) of the self-styled government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim, the parallel government run by the outfit, at the winter session of “Tatar Hoho” (Parliament) on Friday.

The “Tatar Hoho” is located within the fortified central headquarters of the NSCN (I-M) which is a composite set-up of various wings of the parallel government run by the outfit, at Hebron, about 40 km off Dimapur town in Nagaland.

The top NSCN (IM) leader also noted the positive development of Government of India recognising the unique history and situation of the Nagas. He, however, said the NIA summons have come as a “bolt from the blue” and shocked the outfit as it came in the backdrop of these positive developments over the past 15 years of political negotiation.