No cruise or boat parties will be held here this year, city police chief Satyapal Singh said here on Wednesday. The entire police force will be on the streets from December 31 evening till the morning of January 1.

“All leave has been cancelled. The police will ensure the safety of everyone,” he said.

The drive against drunken driving will continue.

“The pubs and restaurants have been allowed to remain open till 5 a.m. on January 1. They can play music indoors. Loudspeakers will not be allowed after 10 p.m. though,” he said.

The Mumbai police had in fact recommended to the State government that there should be no relaxation in timings for serving alcohol in pubs and restaurants. But the government nonetheless decided to relax timings till 5 a.m.

“People should enjoy New Year eve, but stay within limits. They must respect the dignity of others, especially the women,” Mr. Singh said.

He said no permission was sought for cruise parties.