The death toll in the Mumbai blasts has now risen to 19. The latest victim was 42-year-old Baburam Das, who was critical since the time he was admitted to the Saifee Hospital here on Wednesday evening. He breathed his last at 2.30 a.m. on Saturday.

He had gone to Opera House to discuss a business deal with a friend and to buy some material. Das, who hailed from Howrah in West Bengal, had migrated here over two decades ago, his brother-in-law Shrikant Parui said.

Das had suffered two cardiac arrests since the attack. Doctors had to partially amputate his right leg. “He was on ventilator since then,” Dr. Shabina Khan told The Hindu. He is survived by his wife Pronoti and 14-year-old son Abhishek.

Just eight hours before him, another victim lost his life. Avinash alias Nikhil Tamka, a 24-year-old jeweller, died after fighting severe burns. “He was critical and was on ventilator support. He had abdominal injury, crushed right leg and multiple wounds. He had suffered 60 per cent burns,” Dr. Sagar Sakle, Officer on Special Duty, Bombay Hospital, said. The doctors had to amputate his right leg.

Avinash was engaged just a fortnight ago. He is survived by his father, elder brother and sister-in-law.