Raj Thackeray-led MNS, which emerged as the second largest party in the Kalyan-Dombivli civic polls with 28 seats in the 107-member House, today decided not to form the new civic government and work as an Opposition party.

“We have decided to sit in Opposition with 28 corporators respecting voter’s opinion. Let any party claim for the mayor’s post, we will abstain the voting,” Mr. Thackeray told reporters here.

An independent from Dombivali Saroj Bhoir entered MNS today making the party strength to 28. Her husband Prakash was the ex-corporator with Shiv Sena.

On a query that MNS is not taking support from any party, Mr. Raj said none of the parties are capable to take support and therefore his party chose to sit in Opposition.

MNS’s decision has paved the way for Shiv Sena-BJP alliance to form the civic government. However, with a fractured verdict, the alliance would need support from other parties or independent candidates.

The results of the KDMC polls have created confusion over the Mayor post, as none of the parties has gained clear majority to claim power.

In the 107-member House, Shiv Sena bagged 31 seats, BJP 9, NCP 14, Cong 15, MNS 28 and others 10.