The militants of the People's Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (Progressive), PREPAK (P), have formally claimed responsibility for bombing the Route 39 night club at Mantri Pukhri near Imphal on Saturday night. Three employees were injured and the night club extensively damaged in the remote controlled blast.

In a statement the PREPAK (P) said that its Cobra Task Force attacked the night club after watching the disgusting goings on for six months. It was constrained to take up steps to save the degenerating society since the night club was a euphemism of "mafia club". In the past two hand grenades had been planted in the night club on two occasions as a warning to the management. It was ignored and instead more private security guards were deployed as a challenge.

There are night parties in Route 39 for men and women some days in a week. There are singings and dancing of men and women. The patrons are supplied drinks, drugs and other intoxicants at prohibitive prices. There are exorbitant entry fees of the patrons. For unknown reasons girls were some times allowed to enter free of charge. Militants suspect that this will encourage immoral activities.

Meanwhile the night club is totally deserted after the attack.