Cooperative body of media persons in Arunachal Pradesh on Monday launched a news portal, ’www. easternexpressnews. com’ that would offer instant and online news reports of the region with particular emphasis on the State.

The news portal has been designed to cater to the needs of the techno-savvy world having interests in Arunachal Pradesh while keeping in view the interests of the working journalists of the State.

The web portal is headed by a team of working journalists with Appu Gapak as the online editor.

“The functioning of the portal is based on cooperative model that will have local media professionals as its beneficiaries,” Mr. Gapak informed.

The revenue generated from the portal will be utilized to create social securities like group life insurance, group health insurance and to meet other exigencies.

While thanking Sokjar and Gamde Foundation, Mr. Gapak informed that seed capital for development of the site, booking of domain name and for web-hosting has been provided by the foundation.

“The novel venture has been supported by our foundation to provide social security for journalists and other media professionals, who have been working without any social benefits except for the meager salaries,” Director of Sokjar & Gamde Foundation, Dr Lingam Ete said on the occasion.