Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday said regional parties will do well in the next Lok Sabha election, but evaded a question on whether TMC will lead any non-Congress and non-BJP alliance at the Centre.

“I feel that regional parties would do well in the next Lok Sabha election. I will be happy if they (regional parties) come together,” Ms. Banerjee told reporters here.

Asked if she is ready to lead any non-Congress or non-BJP alliance at the national level after the next Lok Sabha election, she replied, “I don’t want any chair. I am ready to be there as a worker. If anybody comes forward, I don’t mind. I am not for power and I fight in the interest of the people. We had left UPA-2 government in the interest of the people. Even the Prime Minister has said there are no permanent enemies in politics.”

Ms. Banerjee criticised the Congress-led UPA government for hiking prices of coal, fertilisers and other commodities, which affected the people, and cited the drubbing the Congress has received in the current round of by-elections.


Trinamool retains Howrah June 5, 2013