Maharashtra Government wants the Centre to amend Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) rules for Mumbai which are affecting major infrastructure projects like metro rail, and is planning to write to it on the issue.

“We have prepared a draft requesting the Centre to amend CRZ rules, which prohibits construction close to coastal areas,” Principal Secretary of Urban Development Department T C Benjamin told PTI.

Phase—2 of the Metro rail comes under CRZ rules and construction is not possible. Considering the difficulty in such major infrastructure projects, the state government would request the Centre to permit construction of vital public projects in CRZ areas, Mr. Benjamin said.

“While making the request, the state would ensure that environment would be protected under CRZ,” he said, adding the government would send the letter to the Centre next week.

CRZ rules of 1991 were meant to protect the coast from environmental degradation while recognising that some provision had to be made for use of the coast for coastal and fishing communities and for activities that required foreshore access.

Meanwhile, a draft notification of the Coastal Management Zone (CMZ) proposed by the Centre to replace CRZ, has lapsed.