Maharashtra Government employees can no longer browse online trading sites from Mantralaya now, as the Government has blocked two financial websites and

“The Government has blocked two online trading sites, as it was frequently used by the employees and they are not required for the Government works,” an official from Information Technology Department told PTI.

The department has installed the system that would prevent the employees from accessing these two sites and making any transactions online, the official said.

The move was initiated after receiving several complaints from senior officials that some of the employees spend working hours in online trading, the official said. Also some of the employees were found playing games on the official computers, he added.

“All the departments have welcomed the move of the Government to block the sites, as often use of these sites was affecting working hours of Mantralaya and quality of work,” the official said.

Unhappy with the decision, an employee said it is true that some people were doing online trading but it never affected the duty hours.

Justifying the ban, the official said many corporate offices have already taken the initiative to block the trading, gaming, porn and social networking sites, he said.