The Special Task Force of the Kolkata police is contemplating interrogating Abdul Karim Tunda, one of the most wanted terrorists who was caught by the Delhi police, as his father-in-law Abu Taher is lodged in the Presidency Jail since 2009.

“We want to interrogate Tunda about his terrorist network in Bengal and about his connection with his father-in-law Taher alias Zakaria,” a senior official of the STF said.

Sleuths believe that Tunda along with Abu Taher had created a terror network in Kolkata as well as the bordering districts of Bangladesh to provide logistic support to the terrorists entering India via Bangladesh.

During the Delhi Police’s interrogation of Tunda, it was found that he worked with almost all anti-India forces, and that he was one of the most trusted ideologues of the Lashkar-e-Taiba.