Despite his own rejection of electoral politics, social activist Anna Hazare congratulated his former protégé Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party on their performance in the Delhi Assembly elections.

Mr. Hazare said, “Arvind has delivered [on] his promise. He took tremendous efforts and earned the faith of the people of Delhi. This is only a first victory for him,” Mr. Hazare told reporters at his village Ralegan Siddhi on Sunday, stating that one day Mr. Kejriwal would become the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Giving Mr. Kejriwal the credit for taking on the system and recognising people's support for him, Mr. Hazare said, “It is not easy to defeat Shiela Dikshit and the Congress with just a broom in hand. People have given their verdict.”

However, Mr. Hazare added a word of caution against forming alliances with any other party. “If an alliance government (Khichdi sarkar) is made, then it is of no use. In such a government, corruption is bound to happen. He [Arvind] should not take the support of any other party.”

Instead, he advised Mr. Kejriwal to function as a strong Opposition party. “I am confident he will work well as an Opposition leader. He understands democracy. He will keep a check on those in power,” he stated.

Blaming the failure of the Congress to keep its promises, Mr. Hazare said, ”Why did the Congress not bring good laws on the Right to Reject, the Lokpal Bill, the Right to Recall? They have shown they have no political will,” he said.