The interlocutors on Jammu and Kashmir today submitted their report to Home Minister P Chidambaram after their maiden visit to the State, with their leader Dileep Padgaonkar saying he is “hopeful” of a solution to the issue but did not have a “magic formula.”

The three-member group today briefed Mr. Chidambaram about its visit to J&K and presented its report which included recommendations.

“This was our first visit to the State. We gave our set of recommendations,” Mr. Padgaonkar told PTI but refused to divulge details about the contents of the report.

He said, “Let it be between government and the interlocutors.”

When asked about their next visit to the State and possibility of talks with separatist groups, Mr. Padgaonkar said, “We do not have any magic formula other than to keep with our efforts to be engaged with them (separatists).”

“We are hopeful and that’s why our second visit will take place in less than a fortnight,” he said.

The group also comprising academician Radha Kumar and former Information Commissioner M M Ansari was set up on October 13 by the Union Home Ministry.

The interlocutors undertook their six-day visit to the State from October 23.