Uttar Pradesh Parliamentary Affairs and Minority Welfare Minister Mohammad Azam Khan has condemned the “sting operation” on the Muzaffarnagar communal violence shown by a TV channel on Tuesday, stating that words had been put in the police inspector’s mouth to prove allegations that he (Mr. Khan) had ordered the authorities to go slow against a particular community.

Denying his role, Mr. Khan said he did not make any call to any police inspector and challenged that his call details be checked. The Minister also said he that he did not give “instructions” to the inspector.

“The channel should have at least expressed regret,” Mr. Khan told reporters on Wednesday.

Mr. Khan said he was a “weak person” and was always open to attacks. He dismissed allegations of his involvement in the transfer of the Muzaffarnagar DM and SSP (in the wake of the Kawal village incident), and said he had no authority to transfer officials. Mr. Khan refused to comment on why he chose to stay away from the Agra summit of the Samajwadi Party.

It’s important to note that normality has returned to Muzaffarnagar, the Minister added.