Goa has decided to crack down on the establishments employing foreigners, who are here without business or work visa.

“We have come across several such instances, wherein they work here or start their own business although they are granted tourist visa,” State Tourism Minister Fransisco Pacheco told PTI on Saturday.

He said he has ordered the department to raid various establishments found employing the foreigners.

“They (establishments) will have their licences cancelled immediately, if they are found guilty,” Pacheco said.

Goa receives around four lakh foreigners annually, many of whom are engaged in the business or work here, generally in the hospitality sector.

Pacheco said the tourism ministry is empowered under Tourist Trade Act to penalise these establishments. “Action would also be initiated against the foreigners too,” he said.

The minister, who was on earlier occasions critical of State Home Ministry for not providing protections to the foreigners, said the police department has also failed to keep record of such individuals, who work despite being here on tourist visa.

Pacheco said many foreigners, who try to eke out living working here, are harassed by their employer. “We want to prevent such incidents. If they intend to work here, they are welcome but they should carry Business or work visa,” he added.