A 13-year-old girl who was gang-raped and severely tortured in Kadamtoli village in Jashpur district is ‘often slipping into unconscious state.’ Her condition is described as ‘unstable’ by the doctors who are attending her, as she has developed internal haemorrhages and external injuries. The girl from a poor peasant family of Afrempur under Narayanpur police station of Jashpur was allegedly raped and tortured on Saturday, while she was attending the wedding ceremony of her cousin in Kadamtoli. As her condition started deteriorating, the girl was shifted to a Bilaspur hospital. On further deterioration, she was brought to a private hospital in Raipur.

Early Saturday morning the girl left the house where the marriage ceremony was going on to relieve herself. She was nabbed close to the residence of her cousin in Kadamtoli and raped by unidentified men. While no one is arrested so far, two teams of forensic experts visited the scene of crime and collected evidences. The district police formed teams to interrogate the locals and the guests.

“Two separate teams of police officers, including one led by a lady officer, are investigating. The team led by the lady officer is camping in Raipur with the girl. The other team is stationed in the village,” said Jitendra Singh Meena, SP of Jashpur. The doctors have not allowed the police to talk to the girl as her condition deteriorated.

The girl was admitted in Raipur hospital with skull bone fractures resulting in increased quantity of a chemical compound, Haemin in brain. She may develop ‘serious long term problem’ due to severe pressure on left brain. Eventually, she may not able to control the muscles on right side of the body, as left brain controls muscles on the right. It may also affect her capacity to think, if she survives, the doctors said.

"She cannot narrate the incident. With the damage in left brain, she might loss memory," Dr S.N. Madheria, a neurosurgeon, attached to the hospital told the local media. She also has an injury in her hands, as she tried to resist the men who raped her.

Jashpur police have announced a reward of Rs 20,000 to nab the culprits.