Prospects of an early restoration of normalcy in the three South-Western Maharashtra towns of Miraj, Sangli and Ichalkaranji, which saw week-long communal disturbances, brightened, following peaceful immersion of Ganesh idols at Miraj that concluded in the early hours today.

The Ganesh immersion had been held in abeyance at Miraj after group clashes on Anant Chaturdashi day on September 3, arising from a controversial poster sought to be raised on an arch by pro-Hindutva organisations, portraying the 16th century historical encounter in which Maratha warrior king Shivaji slayed Moghul general Afzal Khan.

The trouble spilled over to the adjoining region leading to the imposition of curfew.

Authorities relaxed the curfew in Miraj for the immersion procession but denied permission to display the controversial hoarding enroute. Permission to use musical instruments, which had been refused at the start of the procession, was also granted.