A gynaecologist was arrested on Tuesday in connection with recovery of 14 foetuses from a garbage bin in the city, police said.

The accused Dr. Jayanti Patel said that on Monday while the clinic was being cleaned some jars containing the specimen foetuses were damaged accidentally, they said.

“Post-mortem of the foetuses showed that they were specimens, as are often kept at medical colleges and clinics,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Ajaykumar Chaudhary said.

While the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation officials said that Dr. Patel had dumped the specimen foetuses after closing down his clinic three weeks ago. The foetuses were found by the local residents on Monday from a nearby garbage bin.

However, Dr. Patel has been booked for unhygienic disposal of bio-medical waste and was being questioned further, police said.

The gender of the foetuses has not been released, but police said they had not ruled out that the case was due to illegal sex-selective abortion.