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Updated: March 2, 2012 14:01 IST

Fodder scam: charges framed against Lalu, Jagannath Mishra

Shoumojit Banerjee
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This February 14, 2012 shows RJD leader and former Bihar CM Lalu Prasad after appearing before a special CBI court in connection to the fodder scam case in Ranchi.
The Hindu
This February 14, 2012 shows RJD leader and former Bihar CM Lalu Prasad after appearing before a special CBI court in connection to the fodder scam case in Ranchi.

Six months after their appearance before a special Criminal Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court here, charges have been framed against Rashtriya Janata Dal leader Lalu Prasad and the former Bihar Chief Minister, Jagannath Mishra, in connection with the multi-crore fodder scam case.

Mr. Prasad and Mr. Mishra are among the prime accused in the scam that finally unravelled in 1996, proving that funds in excess of Rs. 900 crore had been siphoned off over a two-decade period by politicians and bureaucrats belonging to successive administrations on the pretext of purchasing livestock feed.

Designated CBI Judge V.K. Srivastava charged Mr. Prasad with fraudulent withdrawals of Rs. 47 lakh from the treasuries at Banka and Bhagalpur districts where allegedly forged and fake bills were drawn by the Animal Husbandry Department in 1995-96 when Mr. Prasad was Bihar Chief Minister.

The court has also framed charges against Jagdish Sharma, the current Janata Dal (United) Lok Sabha member from Jehanabad, in connection with the case.

In the first week of February, the special CBI court had directed Mr. Prasad to appear before it, while rejecting his plea to allow cross-examination of witnesses of the prosecution.

At the time, both Mr. Prasad and Mr. Mishra had pleaded innocence, claiming that they had been framed and that the CBI had not obtained gubernatorial sanction for prosecution in the case.

How innocent Lalooji is looking.The security guard very near to him in the photo seem assuring that nothing would happen since it is filing of charge sheet only,that too after 10 years.The other security guard seem could not hide his happiness about the outcome.Whatever it may be,the person who once claimed that he could be the candidate for the post of Prime Minister is now being caught in the dilemma, and there is no doubt about that he would join his counter parts soon in the tihar jail.

from:  Anthony Rao.Reddy
Posted on: Mar 1, 2012 at 22:12 IST

Prolonging cases like this without any closure, should be made an offense, considering the fact that there are 45 million case backlog in Indian courts. These open ended cases like this is making a mockery of the Indian justice system, as if the courts are a playground for the politicians and mischief makers.

from:  Kumar
Posted on: Mar 1, 2012 at 17:59 IST

Lalu falsified bills for showing transfer of cattle, he offered the vehicle numbers for trucks, which only turned out to be those of scooters and bikes. The millions of rupees he and his associates gutted in a manner that finally resulted in a dark period for the state for over a decade that followed. The lawlessness and corrupt regime during his tenure seethed down to the bottom level upto the block level corrupt clerical staffs. The ransom and blackmailing coupled with murders became synonym for Bihar during those times, which is still haunting the state. The haunted is being haunting, though pathetically slow. We hope the good sense prevail at the end of the day!

from:  anand kumar
Posted on: Mar 1, 2012 at 17:29 IST

A Tatkal move by the CBI court, now my grandchildren will see him go to jail, but wait there will be no one around to punish and case will be closed.

from:  N Suresh Kumar
Posted on: Mar 1, 2012 at 16:30 IST

Now the peaple of India should re-think at the time of voting itself...

from:  Poru
Posted on: Mar 1, 2012 at 16:27 IST

Gayee Bhainsh Pani Me(Buffalo went down in water). This is good news for the people of Bihar.
Some persons tarnished the image of a region by intended misdeeds. And it takes long to regain the glory.
Thank god judiciary is in parallel to the governing body.

from:  Siddharth Raghuwanshi
Posted on: Mar 1, 2012 at 15:34 IST

Cases are being filed against a lot of politicians, but what matters is fast and proper completion of these cases which would result in quite a lot politicians behind bars. The term "politicians" is so maligned by our ministers that younger generation don't see it as a path to their career and social service. It has become synonyms to Corruption, scam etc. India need to have strong judiciary, strong police system and stronger ombudsman.

from:  Aditya Abhinav
Posted on: Mar 1, 2012 at 15:12 IST

Let us see how far this case will go. After so many years he is charge sheeted now? For such clear cut case of corruption it took so many years! One of the affected party by this theft are numerous cattle, they have died long ago. By the time the next step is taken god knows who will remain on earth. Finally there will be none to take on the punishment. This is the Indian way.

from:  Ayyappa
Posted on: Mar 1, 2012 at 15:09 IST

So it seems, in the wake of a series of scams which have been unfolding in the recent past of various magnitude, our politicians who lost power and who are going to lose power are very clear about one thing, that whatever unlawful things they do within the confines of political power will come to the open and will be answerable to the people one day. So the leaders who are in queue now may sensibly abstain from such deeds and give some rest to the officials of CBI who are already overloaded. The youth leaders, who are scuffling to grab senior chairs, may review the sanctity of their ambition with out any reservation. If the purpose is to simply fatten the pocket and enjoy life at the cost of the hard earned money of the tax payer, better to look for some other job. Because once you are out from that coveted post, shedding the prefix Minister and forced to spend your evening hours in jail (Now running full. Tax payers need to spend for expansion), the onlooker will be enjoying your life. A scanty number of ministers who may not fall in the above list may ignore this message as organizers are quite inevitable to run any show.

from:  Bose A Panicker
Posted on: Mar 1, 2012 at 15:01 IST

I am sceptical of the outcome of this long pending case.This a political
ploy to secure Lalu's support for forming a coalition government in UP.
I am sure the case will be put into cold storage after some time, unless
Apex court intervenes

from:  Librawalla
Posted on: Mar 1, 2012 at 14:54 IST

A rather late reaction from india's prime anticorruption body; nevertheless a welcome move!

from:  manohar
Posted on: Mar 1, 2012 at 14:25 IST

Ghost haunt the haunted. RJD have done all they can do to make Bihar least desirable state. Corruption is general issue but stealing cows fodder is just hilarious. Lesson should be learned from this case which is that Human is greedy enough to gobble cattle fodder. CM and MP involve should be punish strictly for stealing public money. Court has done commendable job by including every member in decision making at that time for prosecution. Hats off to CBI court....

from:  Pawan Singh
Posted on: Mar 1, 2012 at 14:03 IST

Scam of year 1993 is still going on. What can be the bigger example of impotency of indian judiciary system. I doubt this also will lead to any conclusion. In back stage politics will be going on and soon everything will vanish.

from:  Tarun Gupta
Posted on: Mar 1, 2012 at 13:41 IST

Is it not too early for the court to frame such charges?? The scam took
place in 2003 and it's just 2012 now...Barely 9 years!

Anyway they are doing their job even if it's a bit too slow..
Lets wait for further proceedings...

from:  Y.P. Baghel
Posted on: Mar 1, 2012 at 13:27 IST
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