The Forward Bloc on Monday voiced its disapproval of the West Bengal government’s opposition to the India-Bangladesh Land Boundary agreement providing for exchange of enclaves, saying it would create social and political turmoil in both the countries.

Forward Bloc general secretary Debabrata Biswas said the opposition to the “Protocol agreement of 2011” would also encourage religious fundamentalist groups.

“We strongly condemn the attitude of the West Bengal government and its chief minister as they are opposing the Protocol agreement of 2011,” Mr. Biswas told a press conference at the conclusion of the party’s two day central committee meeting in Kolkata.

“By opposing the agreements on narrow political interests, the West Bengal government is trying to create social and political turmoil in West Bengal and Bangladesh and sending messages encouraging religious fundamentalist groups in Bangladesh and West Bengal,” he said.

Ms. Banerjee had slammed the Centre for introducing a Bill in the Rajya Sabha which provided for demarcation of the boundary with Bangladesh, saying it was unilateral and unacceptable and without consent of the state government.


Ruckus in Rajya Sabha over boundary Bill December 19, 2013