For the first time in Indian Army's history, a retired woman officer was sentenced to one year rigorous imprisonment for accepting bribe from a junior officer facing a murder charge in Dehradun in 2006.

On Thursday Major Dimple Singla faced the General Court Martial (GCM) proceedings at an army cantonment, in Zirakpur nearhere, and was ordered to be cashiered (degradation of a military officer that involves stripping of medals, badges and status). She was charged under Section 63 (violation of good order and army discipline) and 69 (prevent of corruption) of the Army Act. The court martial against her had commenced in 2007.

Ms. Singla, who completed her service in 2007, was convicted of accepting a bribe of Rs. 10,000 from an advocate, who was a defence counsel of an accused army man Havildar Chandran, to influence the court martial proceedings in his favour in 2006 in Dehradun. She was also held guilty of favouring various accused during court martial proceedings and of influencing their trials. She has been arrested and put behind bars.

The GCM was presided over by Col Sanjeev Jose and the verdict came late Wednesday night. Ms. Singla was an officer in the branch of Judge Advocate General (JAG) of the army. She was placed under arrest by the army court on February 1 but was granted bail on February 9.

Ms. Singla now has the right to file an appeal application before the Army commander of Western Command.