“It is a sad reality that even today the girl child is unwanted and often murdered in the womb and the increased presence of science in our lives has fuelled this evil instead of decreasing it,” said UNFPA-Laadli Media Awards for Gender Sensitivity regional coordinator Minu Talwar at a press conference here.

Inviting entries for the second UNFPA-Laadli Media Awards for Gender Sensitivity for the Northern Region, she emphasised the need for a greater coverage of successful women role models in the media.

The awards are meant to acknowledge, highlight and celebrate the commendable efforts undertaken by various media to support gender-just perspectives from the field of advertising, print media, TV and radio.

“Even though there is an improvement in the sex ratio in Punjab (835 in 2006 against 776 in 2001) and Haryana (843 in 2006 against 807 in 2001), we have a lot to achieve in terms of gender sensitivity and equality,” said Population First programme director Sharada.

Population First is a Mumbai-based NGO working on health, population and women’s issues. Laadli is the exuberant, happy little girl spreading sunshine and hope. She is Population First’s brave little messenger of hope, bringing home the fact that a girl child can bring so much pride and joy.

While the campaign tackles tough issues, it also brings to the fore many positive stories highlighting what girls in India have achieved despite constraints and showing how much more they could contribute.

News coverage on TV or in print media, articles, print or TV ads and jingles which highlight the value of the girl child, challenge dominant stereotypes, analyse social, economic and political developments from a gender perspective will be considered for the award.