Poll panel files two FIRs on the basis of an initial report, asks District Magistrate to submit a “detailed” report

Within 48 hours of a ‘ceasefire’ between the government of West Bengal and the Election Commission of India (EC), the poll panel lodged two FIRs against the Trinamool Congress, accusing it of physically manhandling its officials during a rally at Manikchak in Malda district. The TMC candidate, Dr. Moajjim Hussain, was allegedly present when the incident took place.

The EC asked the District Magistrate to submit a “detailed” report, and on the basis of an initial report filed two FIRs in Manikchak police station, an EC official said.

However, unlike last time, when Chief Minister Mamat Banerjee ‘challenged’ the poll panel, this time the government consciously avoided any confrontation. “The incident was unwanted and should not have happened,” said Minister Krishnendunarain Chowdhury.