The Delhi Urban Arts Commission (DUAC) has rejected the NDMC’s proposal to install communication towers in the city’s Luyten’s Zone citing aesthetic and health concerns.

Instead, the heritage body has suggested that the NDMC explore options to lower the height of the towers by using advanced fiber optics technology. “High communication towers not only have negative impact on the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding area but their high frequency also has an impact on locals’ health. In view of these concerns, we have shot down their plans,” a DUAC member told PTI.

In order to cash in on the demand from mobile phone companies, the NDMC was looking at the option of allowing cell towers in Lyuten’s area as well other areas under its jurisdiction like Mandir Marg and Baba Kharak Singh Marg. It had sought the Commission’ clearance in this regard, the member added.

However, citing World Health Organisation guidelines, the heritage panel said they pose a health risk as they emit constant electromagnetic radiation.

This is the fourth time that the DUAC has rejected the Council’s proposal in the last three years. The heritage body also took strong note of the mushrooming of unauthorised towers in NDMC area and asked authorities to regulate them.