To curb growing traffic indiscipline, the Maharashtra police have proposed a stringent penalty point system by which violators will lose their licence or permit or vehicle registration depending on the gravity of the offence.

This recommendation, of a four-member panel appointed by the Director-General of Police, will soon be put up before the Chief Minister and the Transport Ministry, Mumbai Joint Commissioner (Traffic) Vivek Phansalkar said here on Thursday.

Technology-based enforcement

“We intend moving towards technology-based enforcement of regulations. According to the recommendations, if a person drives the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, he will gain 10 negative points. If he drives the vehicle riskily, he will be given five negative points. Those who earn 20 such points will lose their driving licence. If a person earns 50 or more negative points, the registration of his vehicle will stand cancelled,” Mr. Phansalkar said.

According to the proposal, 10 negative points will mean suspension of licence for three months, 15 points will mean suspension for six months, and 40 points will mean suspension of the vehicle’s registration for three months.

The committee, which comprised Additional Commissioner of Police-level officials, recently submitted its report.

The Mumbai Traffic Police also plan to implement model junction schemes at a few busy junctions. The junction will be closely guarded by a network of CCTV cameras and manned heavily. Drivers who are guilty of waiting at pedestrian crossings and breaking signals; jaywalkers and those walking past the signal when it is red for pedestrians will be fined immediately.

The police will coordinate with other agencies and create a digital database of vehicles, their registration numbers and owners.

“It is a monumental task to disallow people breaking rules. We are seeing if we are able to do it on at least one junction,” said Mr. Phansalkar.