This is the second such incident within week in the school located in Hinjili, the Assembly constituency of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

A dead lizard was found in the Mid-Day Meal (MDM) supplied to Regidi upper primary school at Hinjli, the home constituency of the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik in Ganjam district on Friday.

This MDM had been provided from the centralised kitchen of Naandi Foundation, which supplies MDM to schools in Berhampur and adjoining areas. Ironically it was second such incident related to MDM at this school during past few days. On July 26, a large worm had been located in the MDM provided by the Naandi Foundation to Regidi upper primary school at Hinjli.

Administration has started to suspect that there may be chances of conspiracy behind these incidents. Speaking to The Hindu, Ganjam district Collector, Krishen Kumar said as there were chances of mischief behind these incidents, a criminal complaint related to it has been filed at Hinjli police station.

He raised question, why the worm and the lizard were found in the MDM of the same school and why such incidents were on the rise after the death of students due to poisoned mid-day meal in Bihar.

According to the Collector, the worm and the lizard that have been found in the mid-day meal supplied to this particular school had not completely melted. Bodies of the large worm and the house lizard were almost intact. Their flesh could have melted to large extent if they had fallen into the food during cooking process. This has raised suspicions regarding possibility of some criminal conspiracy.

The lizard had also been located before the food was served to students. On July 26 the worm had been found in the dal. On Friday the dead lizard was found in the rice.

The headmaster of the school immediately informed about it to the administration and the mid-day meal as returned back