Lieutenant- Governor Iqbal Singh on Monday presented awards to several Hindi writers for their role in the propagation of the language in the Union Territory.

The ceremony was part of the valedictory programme of the 23rd All India National Language conference.

Lauds discussions

Mr. Singh lauded the discussions on national integrity, unity and development that were initiated during the three-day conference. He said that the thoughts deliberated upon during the event should not be confined to just discussions and that he was hopeful about the participants taking these thoughts to their respective work places and propagating it.

He said that the conference had provided the participants with an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and tradition of Puducherry.

Earlier, Power Grid Corporation of India was given a special award for its role in popularising the Hindi language. The award was received by its executive director Bharat Bhushan.

Chairperson of Women's Commission, Puducherry S. Kamalini, Member of Aurobindo Ashram Shyam Kumari, V. Vijayalakshmi, Secretary of Hindi Prachar Sabha C.N.V. Annamalai and writer Swarna Jothi were felicitated during the event.