The Indian Navy has recovered around 90 pieces of vintage unexploded ordnance since April 2013, in the main channel of Mumbai.

Mumbai and JNPT Ports are both central to the Maritime Trade. Accordingly, in order to improve capability and facilitate movement of higher tonnage and deeper draught vessel, shipping authorities have contracted a capital project for widening and deepening of the main channel of Mumbai.

Two dredgers have been pressed into service as a part of the project and 20% of the work has been completed.

The dredging operations have been hampered since April 2013, by the recovery of unexploded ordnance (UXOS) in the channel.

According to navy officials, the JNPT authorities requested the Indian Navy for assistance in safe disposal of these UXOS to facilitate further completion of work. “The Indian Navy has responded expeditiously to the request and provided its team of experts from the explosive ordnance disposal squad as well as the naval armament depot for disposal of the UXOS,” said the official.

Ever since the work of finding out UXOS has begun, the navy has recovered and safely disposed off 90 UXOS. The official did not rule out the possibility of finding more UXOS. “We will continue the work and make it sure that the project proceeds smoothly,” said an official.