Press Council of India Chairman Markandey Katju on Saturday said 90 per cent of Indians cast their votes on casteist notions and were not interested in honesty.

“I want to ask a question to Arvind Kejriwal, who has formed his new party [Aam Aadmi Party] recently. Which caste does your party represent? Here, in India, 90 per cent of Indians are so stupid and backward that they vote only on casteist notions. They are not interested in honesty,” he said.

Justice Katju was interacting with students of law in Mumbai University, after delivering the first Justice M.C. Chagla memorial lecture on ‘Ancient Indian Jurisprudence and Modern Jurisprudence’ here.

“You think, only [the] illiterate and poor do it? I can tell you that the educated, even the likes of professors and lawyers, are casteist in nature.”

On the anti-corruption movement of social activist Anna Hazare, the PCI chief asked: “Has corruption come down ever since his shouting began? He may be an honest person, but the people of India have not changed.”

Stressing the need to instil scientific thinking in Indians, he said it was disturbing to see that 90% of “of us still follow astrology, superstitions and fraud godmen. Unless we adopt scientific thinking, we will remain backward forever and hence will remain poor, which means we will always be sidelined by richer countries.”