The Wayanad Heritage Museum, under the District Tourism Promotion Council, at Ambalavayal in the district attracts a lot of tourists. The objet d'arts dated back to between the Neolithic ages and the 16th century has been neatly showcased at the Museum. The rare and exquisite collections from various parts of the district have been exhibited at four blocks of the Museum, namely, Veerasmruthi, Gothrasmruthi, Devasmruthi and Jeevanasmruthi.

The first block Veerasmruthi, showcases different types of Hero stones locally called ‘veerakkallu’ showing tiger hunts and primitive wars dating back to 14th -16th century A.D. The hero stones were erected on the tombs of a warrior or a hero in memory of his heroic deeds.

The Gothrasmruthi block provides a chance to see different articles associated with tribal life in the district. Articles such as ploughs, fish collecting bags and cow bells used by the tribal people are displayed here.

Devasmruthi is a treasure-house for scholars and students as the artefacts displayed in this section belong to the period between the Neolithic age and 17th century A.D. The terracotta figurines collected from a recent excavation at Kuppakolly near Edakkal cave in the district have been displayed here.

Apart from this, nearly 20 stone idols dating back between 12th and 16th centuries have also been showcased here. Jeevanasmruthi showcases various types of hunting traps, bangles, ear ornaments, necklaces and musical instruments used by the tribal people in Wayanad. A writing stone and Neolithic Celts from the district are also displayed.

A multi media theatre, adjacent to the Museum, offers a 50 minute CD show for tourists on the details of the district. Nearly 500 visitors reach here most of the days with an increased number during holidays, K.T. Johny, a Museum staff said.