Though summer rain has not made any impact on the water level in the Idukki reservoir, the storage level is far better when compared to last year.

The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) is hopeful of the summer season passing without much hassle.

As per the estimate on Friday, the storage level in the Idukki dam is 36.7 per cent, which is considered a good sign of the summer season passing without much trouble. It has been attributed to the decision taken by the government against releasing water during the end of the last monsoon season, when the level reached the brim.

An official of the KSEB (Generation) at Moolamattom told The Hindu on Friday that power generation varied considerably and remained at a high level.

Though the generation level during the past 24 hours till Friday morning was 5.34 million units (mu), on the previous day it was 11.9 mu. “The low production level was owing to low demand, it being a holiday,” the official said.

The Idukki reservoir is a hydroelectric project reserved for meeting the summer demand when the consumption goes up. The water level continued to decline with summer rain having little impact on the reservoir capacity.

However, it is after a long time that the water level is at a considerably better position during the peak month of May. The reservoir area received a rainfall of 4.2 mm during the past 24 hours.

There is variation in the generation level as the demand fluctuates during the peak consumption period of summer.

An official at the Dam Monitoring and Research Wing, Cheruthoni, said the water level on Friday was 2,333.5 ft. The early arrival of southwest monsoon last year had been a favourable factor. The delayed summer this season also helped in keeping the water level at a high in the reservoir. The generation level each day was decided considering the demand factor.

The Idukki reservoir meets nearly 45 per cent of the total power consumption in the State.

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